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TsiLang Components Suite

Spread Your Software World-Wide

The problem of internationalization is sooner or later arising for all software companies and developers, who intend to distribute their applications worldwide and wish to create localized versions for the different foreign markets. If your development platform is Borland® Delphi, C++Builder, or Kylix, then TsiLang Components Suite brings you the power solution for multilingual localization of your software.

TsiLang Components Suite will enable your programs to support as many languages (locales) as you want. It allows to localize all required elements of user interface, provides flexible modes to store and manage translations, and switches UI language on-the-fly.

Software Localization is Easy... with TsiLang

TsiLang Components Suite is not only power but an exceptionally easy-to-use internationalization tool. To make your form multilingual, just make three steps:

Step 1

Step 1
Drop a TsiLang component onto your form

Step 2

Step 2
Enter the translations (or load from a file)

Step 3

Step 3
Easily switch languages at run-time


Benefit from Using TsiLang... do our customers, companies well-known world-wide, such as Sony, Siemens, Bayer or SBF Bourse de Paris. Click here to learn what our customers say about TsiLang Components Suite...



  Quick Info  
  IDE: Delphi (C++Builder) 4+
Price: $259.00+ (Buy now)
Limitations: IDE only
Version: 6.2 (Aug 21, 2007)
File Size: 9,165 K (Download now)

Delphi Best Globalization Tool 2004

Runner-Up Delphi Best Globalization Tool 2002-2003

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