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MSEW- Multi Screen Emulator for Windows

Nowadays, the computer has become a universal tool and can be used in any context. Computers are a combination of a special working tool, typewriter, calculator, game machine, CD- and DVD-player and even TV set. It is possible to do almost everything using the computer! At the same time, it is not required to install particular Microsoft Windows for each task separately. You have the possibility to install and launch games; working and development tools; office and entertainment applications on a single Microsoft Windows workstation. However, in the event of all of these applications being launched simultaneously, the number of windows will be dramatically increased, and the switching from one application to another can make you crazy. Are you ready to spend just $14,99 to solve this?! Even more, you can get it absolutely free! Just use this link to get it.

Multi Screen Emulator for Windows (MSEW) helps to solve this problem, and arranges all these windows onto virtual screens to get rid off any disorder and chaos on your Windows desktop. MSEW creates up to eight virtual screens and each of them can be used for specific aims. For example, you can launch all working tools such as text editors, spreadsheets and engineering tools on the first screen; use the second one for launching games, and the third one to launch a slideshow or CD-player with pleasant music. The virtual screens can be switched off done by using the MSEW panel or by hot keys. This can be explained with a quick example:

You can run any applications while running under the first desktop. Click the 2 button to switch to the second desktop:

Switching desktops

Switching desktops (before and after)

before after

Now you have a brand-new desktop where you can start other applications.

When you are switching between desktops, all applications that are running in chosen desktop appear with restored positions. Desktop navigation is realized by pressing the specified button on the MSEW panel. The MSEW panel can be dragged to any desktop corner by holding the mouse button down on the panel outside the buttons.

You can see a preview of a specified desktop, and all the applications running on it, by selecting the menu item in the MSEW popup menu (it is activated by clicking on the right button of your mouse on MSEW).



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  OS: Windows 98 and later
Price: $14.99 (Buy now)
Trial Period: 30 days
Version: 2.0.2 (Apr 09, 2008)
File Size: 1 572 K (Download now)
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You can get MSEW absolutley free! Just click here.


5 stars at 5 stars at

5 stars at 5 stars at

5 stars at 5 stars at

Multi Screen Emulator for Windows - Softpedia "100% CLEAN" Award (Click here for more information)

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