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Free Components

Name Description Download File size
TsiImage TsiImage component allows you to draw animated images on Windows desktop. Download 5,891
TsiSpeedButton and TsiBitBtn TSpeedButton and TBitBtn descendants with animated glyphs. Download 1,769
TsiFlatBtn TsiFlatBtn is a button like buttons from MS Office 97 assistant dialogs. Download 3,380
TsiExchanger TsiExchanger allow to exchange data between your applications. It uses WM_COPYDATA message. Download 1,625
TsiGridReporter TsiGridReporter is a simply component that demonstrates how to use MS Word as report generator. Download 5,074


TsiImage component allows you put your own images on the Windows' Desktop with transparent and animated effects. It may be useful for adding some cool features to your applications. Below is an example picture that demonstrates some of the features of TsiImage.

TsiImage Demo

TsiImage Demo

TsiSpeedButton and TsiBitBtn

TsiSpeedButton and TsiBitBtnTsiSpeedButton and TsiBitBtn are descendants of standard Delphi buttons with ability to display animated glyphs.


TsiFlatBtnTsiFlatBtn component is a flat speed button with round rectangle surface (like MS Office 97 assistant dialogs buttons) and custom colors for 3D effects. You can use this button for design applications with cool interface.


TsiExchanger component allows you exchange data between your applications. For sending data to another applications should set up properties of TsiExchanger into both applications and call SendData method. When data arrived OnReceivedData event occurred.

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