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Resource Builder 3.0!

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SiComponents is ready to announce the release of Resource Builder® v. 3.0 – a new version of a full-featured visual resource editor allowing to create, edit and compile resource files as well as edit resources in compiled executables. With this program it is now possible to produce software as quick as never before.

New version includes:
  • Symbolic IDs support!
    Support for 64-bit executables!
    Direct resource editing in executable files.
    Resource Explorer.
    Span-lines in Dialog Editor.
    Serbian and Italian languages for UI.
    A lot of improvements made in resource compiler and other modules.
You can find details at

This is a major update and we welcome all registered users of version 2.x to upgrade with great discount. Please check for prices.
All users purchased Single-User license for Resource Builder 2.x after October 11, 2008 are invited to obtain free upgrade to version 3.0. Just contact us to get your new registration key.
Users of the Site License can upgrade with a discount as well. Just contact us for details.

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