Label control does not display properly

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Label control does not display properly

Post by noman9607 »

I have version I have noticed that when entering the text in a label control the text wraps to two lines unnecessarily. When the rc file is compiled and linked to the exe and the program is run in windows there is much more room betwwen the controls than Resource Builder represents. When I look at the same rc file in Visual Studio 2005 the representation is much more accurate. I like the many features of RB but this makes me run Visual Studio just to compose parts of the rc file then compile with RB.
By the way, I have no problems using RB with PowerBasic now that I stopped using their rc compiler. Just change from c to microsoft format for VS. I just use RB and compile to res, then use the res to proprietary pbr format compiler. RB is far superior to the pbforms from PowerBasic that cost 150$. :D

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Post by isiticov »

Could you please send us sample RC and screenshots that represent this problem? This will help us a lot to imprive Resource Builder.
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Igor Sitikov.

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