Issue using HandleResourceStrings by third party component

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Issue using HandleResourceStrings by third party component

Post by simu »

we are using HandleResourceStrings := True in TsiLang. If enable this, a third party component TScSSHClient from Devart Securebridge, fails in some functions. I addressed this issue to them and they replied as follow:
"Yes, SecureBridge uses resourcestring to store string constants. Since the cause of this behavior is related to the use of a third-party component, you can contact its developer to solve your task."

Now I feel poor in between, managing an issue which is not in my sourcecode and comes from using two different component in my application.

Is there anything you can help?

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Post by isiticov »


It might be that you've unintentionally picked-up and translated some resourcestring constants from SecureBridge that shall not be translated and they rely on their value and this cause some of their functions to fail. Just try to locate resourcestrings related to them and exclude them from translations. If TsiLang doesn't find the translation for the resource string it just uses the original value and this may help to fix this issue.
Hope this helps.

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