Problem with "Load Project" in Tsilang Expert

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Problem with "Load Project" in Tsilang Expert

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I have a problem with TsiLang Expert. I have a big project in which I want to load a .SIL file using the TsiLang Expert. The goal is to automatically update all translations and fonts in the project. Thus, I exported all forms using TsiLang Expert including captions and fonts. The .SIL file then was edited concerning the translations and fonts for all languages. When I try to update my project using the edited .SIL file, everything is fine for the first language, but for all other languages, the translations and fonts are not updated in case of a form which is included in another form. To explain: Lets say there is a base form A in which a frame B is included. After updating all forms using TsiLang Expert, the frame B in general is updated correctly, but for its instance in form A, only the first language and its font is updated. Any ideas?

greetings Christian

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Please see my reply to your another topic. It is the same problem.

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