Support XE 10.2 Tokyo

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Angel Cesareo Orgiles Bar
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Support XE 10.2 Tokyo

Post by Angel Cesareo Orgiles Bar »


Embarcadero has released Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.2, when do you expect support for this XE10.2 Tokyo? I am especially interested in the C ++ side

Thanks in advance.

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Post by MrDeveloper »

Yes when the support will become available?

And maybe I've found a memory leak bug here:

procedure TSIBFileManager.LoadFromStream(const AComp: TsiCustomLang; const AOwnerClassName: string; AStream: TStream);

{ ... }
AComp.LangNames.Assign(SI.LangNames); // Missing
AComp.DoNotTranslate.Assign(SI.DoNotTranslate); // Missing
AComp.SmartExcludeProps.Assign(SI.SmartExcludeProps); // Missing
// Extended loading:
IF (csDesigning in AComp.ComponentState)
AComp.ExtendedTranslations.Assign(SI.ExtendedTranslations) // Missing
{ ... }
SI.FSIBLoading := False;
// 5.2.1
AComp.FSIBLoading := False;
SI.Free; // Free missing
frm.Free; // Free missing
{ ... }

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Post by isiticov »

We're working now under support for RAD Studio 10.2. ETA is about one week or so.

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Post by vez »

isiticov wrote:We're working now under support for RAD Studio 10.2. ETA is about one week or so.
May be you can check installer for siLang, I mean to add carefully paths for win32c and others, I have to edit ones by hand after install.

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