Excluding TcxCheckGroup.Properties.Items is not persisted

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Excluding TcxCheckGroup.Properties.Items is not persisted

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I'm trying to exclude TcxCheckCheckGroup.Properties.Items (DevExpress) from a translation.
First ist all looks fine in Translation Editor.
I can see all the items under "Collections".
Right click -> Exclude...
Then select "Exclude 'Properties.Items' for cxCheckGroupBox" -> OK
Now the relevant items are removed from the "Collections" list. Fine.
Click on "Close Saved".

Now reopen the translation editor: TcxCheckBox.Properties.Items has magically reappeared as missing translation under "Collections".

Anything else I can do? Bug?

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Post by isiticov »


We will check this. Meantime you can workaround this by adding Collections property to ignore list if you don't need to translate collections on this form at all or just try to add Items property to exclusion list.

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