Some other possible bug ?

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Some other possible bug ?

Post by zenon »

I don't exactly know what microsoft states about the rc file with the following:
CONTROL "31007",7625,"STATIC",SS_NOTIFY |SS_ICON |WS_CHILD |WS_VISIBLE ,467,87,21,20,0x0,0

I want to put an icon on the dialog, but it does not show, one I previously added as an icon with id 31007.

However, when I manually edit this to be:
CONTROL 31007,7625,"STATIC",SS_NOTIFY |SS_ICON |WS_CHILD |WS_VISIBLE ,467,87,21,20,0x0,0

so without the quotes around 31007, it works. The icons show up in my program.

Don't know what to do with this.


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Post by isiticov »

I guess we must improve this on our side.
Best regards,
Igor Sitikov.

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