Replacing an existing task on Windows 7

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Replacing an existing task on Windows 7

Post by yeohray »

I have an issue with replacing an existing task on Windows 7, which can similarly be reproduced in the demo project. Steps:

- run the demo project
- create a new task
- save
- close the demo project
- run the demo project again
- create a task with the same name

At this point, the demo project asks if you want to replace the existing task. Click Yes.

- enter the required details
- on the page where you enter the user name and password, clicking Next results in the following error: (47, 7):Command:

On my application, I get an 'Invalid parameter' error when trying to save the new 'application exe file name' for the task that's replacing an existing task.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm using Delphi 2009. Thanks in advance.

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Post by rhett.price »

I'm getting the exact same issue. For now I'm working around it by always deleting/re-adding on an edit - however it would be really good to use the edit function. Anyone find out how to get this working yet? I can dup with the demo project so pretty sure it's not something I'm doing on my side. Thanks! - Rhett Price

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Post by colinriley »

I have a very similar problem. I have an existing task, and want to remove the existing trigger and replace it with a new one.
Creating a brand new task and adding a trigger to it works fine.
Taking an existing task, issuing a Triggers.Clear and adding a new trigger results in an exception (64,7):command.

I've asked on another post in this forum what these enigmatic exception codes mean, but have had no reply.

Does anybody from SiComponents read these posts?


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Post by isiticov »

Yes, we read these posts. Unfortunately, these messages come from OS not from us and we were unable to find the reason for all of such enigmatic :) codes. But we're still trying to figure out the reason for this.
Best regards,
Igor Sitikov.

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