Importing GNUGetText PO Files

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Importing GNUGetText PO Files

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How can i import several PO files into my project. I did not see any examples on how to do that.

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You can import PO files into Dictionary Manager and then use Auto-Translate feature in Translation Editor or in SIL Editor to use them:
1. Open Dictionary Manager.
2. Select Import command and select PO file.
3. After importing complete all translations from PO file will be in your dictionary.
4. Open Translation Editor and select Dictionary | Translate | Auto. This will try to translate your items with the translations from the dictionary, so you will have your translations re-used by TsiLang.
5. Or you can export TsiLang translations from project to external SIL or SIB file. Then open it in SIL Editor and use Auto-Translate feature there. Then load this file back to your project. Exporting and importing project translations is easier when using TsiLang Expert (IDE menu Tools | TsiLang Expert).

Please let me know if this helps.
Best regards,
Igor Sitikov.

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