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Paul Breen
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Use with PowerBasic

Post by Paul Breen »

I would like a few changes so using resource builder would be easier.
Resource buider encodes the rc file in utf-16 with bom and that is a pain.
I have to convert to utf-8 without bom in order to use it later. The reason is, even after rc is compiled to res, I have to run a special compiler
to convert res to pbr format. I cannot use the res format directly.

Also, I have to manually add the line
#include resource.h
every time I start a new dialog with resource builder.


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Post by isiticov »


You can save RC file in regular ANSI format and then there won't be any Unicode encoding use. To always add any header file you can just add it to Always Include files option under Compiler tab in Options dialog.
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Igor Sitikov.

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