Error when trying to open string with "\\De" chara

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Error when trying to open string with "\\De" chara

Post by NSanderson »

Hi Igor,

I'm getting a strange error when trying to open a resource script file in resource builder.

The error appears when trying to open a file which contains a string with the sequence "\\De" in.

In our case, Resource Builder objects to the following line:
4141, "C:\\Nectar\\Config\\DeTsandCsScript.txt"

with the error:
File D:\ccm\nectar-nsanderson\nectar\components\nxtillcmpt\NxTillCmpt.rc. Line 107 : 13. Double quoted string expected but got C:\Nectar\Config\DeTsandCsScript.txt

I can change the De to anything else and it seems fine.

Does \\De have any significant key sequence that Resource Builder objects to?


Neil Sanderson

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Post by isiticov »

Hi Neil,

No this is a some kind of error and we will try to find a reason and fix it. Thank you for reporting!
Best regards,
Igor Sitikov.

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